About Us

The Conversation Project in Indian River County

The Conversation Project in Indian River County is an initiative dedicated to helping our community talk about its wishes for end-of-life care. Too many people avoid having the conversation and are left feeling bereaved, uncertain, and guilty when a health crisis occurs.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Conversation Project in Indian River County is to offer our residents, friends, and family members a guide to express their end-of-life care wishes with their loved ones. We believe that individuals should not wait to have this conservation in a hospital during the last moments of life, but rather should discuss such matters at home after they have had time to truly consider what their end-of-life wishes include.

The time to have the conservation is now, and the Conversation Project in Indian River County can help. We can come to your community clubhouse, church, or organization to speak about the importance of having the conversation and lead you through the downloadable Starter Kit while offering guidance on how to facilitate the conversation with your loved ones.

The Conversation Project History

The Conversation Project began in 2010 when Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ellen Goodman and a group of colleagues and concerned media, clergy, and medical professionals gathered to share stories of “good deaths” and “bad deaths” within their own circle of loved ones.
In order to make this vision a reality, The Conversation Project began its collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in September of 2011. IHI is a not-for-profit organization that helps lead improvement of health and healthcare throughout the world.


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