Although nearly 90% of Americans agree that it is important to discuss end-of-life care wishes, many people avoid having that conversation. Bringing up the topic may make you feel uncomfortable at first, but not discussing this important issue with your loved ones can lead to unnecessary and difficult situations. The Conversation Project in Indian River County offers this Starter Kit to help you organize your thoughts, better understand how to approach having the conversation, and encourage you to share your feelings and ideas on end-of-life care.

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The Starter Kit isn’t an advance directive or living will. It is a guide that helps you organize your thoughts and feelings. It focuses on the emotional aspects of choosing your end-of-life care options. Simply download your Starter Kit here, and take the first step in having one of the most important conversations in your life.

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Download and print your Starter Kit

Type your answers directly into the Starter Kit, save your personalized version, finish or change it later, and email it to family and friends.
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Download & print your Pediatric Starter Kit

A Starter Kit designed to help parents of seriously ill children who want guidance about "having the conversation" with their children.
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